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Rules and Regulations

Tae Bo® Nation ELITE INSTRUCTOR Rules and Regulations

Maintaining Elite Status

  1. The Elite Status is good for one year.

  2. The Elite instructor must re apply each year for Elite Status

  3. The Elite Instructor must attend an Advanced Camp with Billy Blanks® each year.

    • This camp will include a performance review by Billy, on technique, communication, current knowledge of Tae Bo® and your continued passion for people.

  4.  Attend at least one 90-minute Tae Bo® Nation Elite workshops with Billy per year. Workshops include:

    • Tae Bo® training: Staying up to date with the evolution of Tae Bo® Fitness.

    • Teamwork: working with fellow Elites on ideas, techniques etc.

    • Q&A with Billy: this is your time to share with Billy anything you need to – your challenges, successes, your heart.

    • Workshop dates will be posted shortly, you can choose from 4 dates, or attend all 4.

  5. Uphold the values set forth in the Tae Bo® Nation Creed

  6. Demonstrate teamwork amongst the Elite team; supporting, encouraging, and lifting each other up.


Responsibilities of an Elite Instructor

  1. Run one Basic Certification Camp per year.

    • Elite Instructors may only run Basic Certification camps. They may not run Advanced Certification camps.

    • Master Instructor, Ramon Gorrin, is the only exception to this. He has permission from Billy to run both Basic and Advanced Camps.


Running a Basic Certification Camp

  1. All Certification camps must be approved by Agilo-Fight-Sport.

    • Agilo-Fight-Sport will maintain the schedule, so there are no conflicts.

    • Agilo-Fight-Sport will be responsible for the financial bookkeeping.

      • Paying taxes

      • Responsible for fees paid to Elite/Billy

Running a Special/Experience

  1. Tae Bo® Special

    • All Tae Bo® Specials must be approved by Agilo-Fight-Sport

    • Fee to run a Tae Bo® Special: 70€ (paid to Agilo-Fight-Sport)

    • Must be no longer than 2 hours and have one Elite instructor.

  2. Tae Bo® Experience

    • All Tae Bo® Experiences must be approved by Agilo-Fight-Sport

    • Fee to run a Tae Bo® Workshop 150€ (paid to Agilo-Fight-Sport}

    • Must be no longer than 5 hours.

Tae Bo® Nation Merchandise

  1.  If you would like to sell Tae Bo® merchandise, it must be purchased directly from Ramon Gorrin or Billy Blanks®

  2. You may NOT create your own Tae Bo® merchandise to sell.

  3. Tae Bo® and Billy Blanks® are trademarked and therefore protected by trademark laws. Any abuse of the Tae Bo Nation Trademark will result in immediate termination of your Tae Bo® Nation Elite status; and we will review your teaching status.

About Agilo-Fight-Sport

Agilo-Fight-Sport is the company founded, with Billy’s permission, by our EU Master Tae Bo® Trainer, Ramon Gorrin. It was established to facilitate Tae Bo® Nation growth in Europe, to maintain the Elite team, and to secure the future of Tae Bo®.


Ramon has been with Tae Bo® for over 22 years and has earned the respect and friendship of Billy Blanks® as well as instructors around the world. As a trusted businessperson, he has been tasked with running Tae Bo® in Europe. He is in constant contact with Billy and his team, ensuring Europe always has the latest information from Billy, whether it be events or new training.


ALL fees paid to Agilo-Fight-Sport are used for the Tae Bo® program in Europe. IE: the taxes are paid from this fund, any trips that Billy makes to EU are paid for from this fund, Billy’s percentage comes from this fund, insurance to cover events and camps Elites run comes from this fund.

Elite Directory
Ahmet Pehlivan
Elite Instructor
Anna Marquardt
Elite Instructor
Jen Reimer
Elite Instructor
Josepha ‘Pepa’ Broman
Elite Instructor
Jürgen Lohmann
Elite Instructor
Jürgen Slachta
Elite Instructor
Lucija Teršek
Elite Instructor
Maggie Wallet
Elite Instructor
The Netherlands
Marc Bonar
Elite Instructor
Musa Hanli
Elite Instructor
Nicole Dimmerling
Elite Instructor
Oliver Waser
Elite Instructor
Ramon Gorrin
Master Instructor
Ramzi Manaa
Elite Instructor
Richi Jankowski
Elite Instructor
Sandra Mammen
Elite Instructor
Spiros Spatoulas
Elite Instructor
Stéphanie Palazzo
Elite Instructor
Tina Lay
Elite Instructor
Instructor Application
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